FROM PRISON/Free Guler Zere

by Talking Peace | 23rd June 2009 9:24 am

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Guler Zere is 37 years old. She has been sentenced to 14 years in prison for membership of a turkish left organization. When she was in Elbistan prison she was diagnosed with a cancer in her mouth and neck. Today Guler has urgent a constant need for proper medical assistance. A few weeks ago, thanks also to the pressure by the public opinion and human rights organizations, she was transfered to Adana hospital, in the prisoners ward. The young woman’s lawyer, Oya Aslan, has confirmed that for Guler was more dangerous to stay in the hospital than in prison. But the lawyer also insisted that her client needs constant medical assistance. The mother of Guler for days sat in front of the hospital door to protest against the conditions in which her daughter was held. A medical report states that Guler’s life is at risk and that for the treatment to work is essential that Guler shows will to fight and that she is well looked after. But Guler could only receive one visit a week and for just 15 minuites. The human rights association underlines that from the beginning of the year six prisoners with serious health problems have lost their lives in prison. And also underlines that ill prisoners are not all treated in the same way. Indeed some prisoners in the Ergenekon trial, the turkish gladio, have been relased for health problems. While the political prisoners have not this possibility.
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