by Talking Peace | 7th March 2010 2:07 pm

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04 March 2010 –

Statement from Caroline Lucas, Green Euro-MP and Green Party leader, and Jean Lambert, London’s Green Euro-MP:

“We are alarmed at the reports today that Belgian police have raided the ROJ TV offices – and are concerned for the welfare of those arrested, some of whom are well known and highly respected activists in the international campaign for Kurdish human rights. The justification behind these arrests is not yet clear, and we would urge the Belgian authorities to clarify why they have felt it necessary to take this repressive step withinthe supposedly ‘safe’ borders of the EU.
“ROJ TV is a crucial broadcaster for Kurds in the ongoing effort to end Turkey’s suppression of the Kurdish community’s right to fully assert their identity, language and culture. Such a move by the Belgian police risks seriously undermining efforts towards a peaceful solution for Turkey and a better situation for the Kurdish community.”

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