What are the Main Axes – Themes OF ESF 2010

Below you can find the list of the Axes of European Social Forum 2010 – Istanbul
1-Economic and social crises: Resistance and alternatives,


-crises or failure of capitalism?

-Specificities and similarities of the crisis in CEE

-solidarity versus competition

-labour struggles against dismissals, closures and against precarity

– Is a fair international financial system possible?

-how to link struggles for rights with alternatives?

2-Social Rights for Social Europe


-common goods and public services for all

-a new welfare model against the ongoing destruction

-housing rights and resistance against forced evictions

-basic income and minimum wage

-labour and trade union rights

3-What kind of democracy? Promoting civil and political liberties


-against racist securitarian policies and anti-terror laws

-disappearances in custody and jail, isolation, prisons

-the rise of the far right and authoritarian policies

-which EU construction? Who decides?

-Democracy and civil rights in CEE and Russia

4-In defence of the rights of oppressed nations and minorities


-A peaceful, just and democratic solution to the Kurdish question

-For a democratic construction of Europe based on the respect of its diversity and the self governance and participation of the populations of all levels

5- Against fortress Europe:

-Full rights for Migrants and refugees

-Equal social and political rights

-Right to free movement of people

6-Equality versus discrimination. Feminist alternatives facing the global crisis.


-opposing patriarchal system

-struggles against violence on women

-sexual diversity, civil rights for LGBTT

7-Save the planet: Building a sustainable world


-overcoming the ecological crisis: How to link struggles for a sustainable environment and social justice

-food sovereignty based on peasant’s rights and land access

-access to water and safe energy for all

-against unsustainable production, distribution and consumption.

8-Peace versus war, militarism, occupations


-The struggle to stop occupations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere

– Militarist policies in Europe

-disarmament is necessary, how can we achieve it?

-stop nuclear armament, military bases and missile shield projects

-Responsibility of EU in the implementation of international law to achieve justice and peace in Middle East

-Struggles of European movements for a just and peaceful solution for Palestine

9-Youth – the right to education, work and a future

10-Democratising knowledge, education and culture; creating alternatives

-Privatization and commodification of Education: The Lizbon Strategy

-Which content and which methodologies for which goals

-Life-long learning, vocational learning

-Culture, science and democracy

11- Mass media and power relations: Defending the freedom of expression and democratising information

-against censorship

12 -Europe and the world: Cooperation and development based on solidarity versus domination and neo-colonialism

-Free trade as a means of domination

-For a democratic international framework

13-The state and future of global justice movement

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