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by editor | 9th June 2010 7:03 pm

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This Privacy Policy describes in which ways the site is used, as to visitors/users’ personal data.

This is a note given also in accordance to Art.13 of D.Lgs 196/03 – Code which refers to personal data protection for those using or visiting the website Global Rights,
This note applies only to the above mentioned website, while it doesn’t apply to other websites you might reach through links indicated by Global Rights.
The website is property of Societ√†INformazione (Onlus, organization non profit) and guarantee the respect of the law regarding personal data protection (D.Lgs 196/03).
The visitors/users should carefully read the Privacy Policy before sending any kind of personal information or/and fill any electronic form on the website itself.
Should you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact SocietàINformazione Onlus through the appropriate form[1].

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