Torture still goes on in Turkish jails

by editor | 24th June 2010 7:51 am

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One more news of torture from Tekirda? F Type prison sadly famous for torturing political prisoners. It has emerged that prisoners Ahmet Burak Ery?ld?r?m, Serhat Tüzer and Kemal Avc? in Tekirda? No 2 F Type prison have been tortured for 5 hours.
According to the report by Ahmet Burak Ery?ld?r?m’s fiancee Birgül K?l?ç; Ery?ld?r?m, Tüzer and Avc?, who were staying in the same cell, were forcibly taken to the torture room that is known as ‘sponge room’ and were subjected to torture on 21 June.
After the torture, the chief prison guard told the prisoner that they would be taken to the medical room but instead they were taken to the so called ‘sponge room’ which has sponge-covered walls.
K?l?ç stated that she learned about the torture on 22 June open meeting day. Taking into account what Ahmet Burak Ery?ld?r?m has told her, K?l?ç was able to tell what had happened: “When they heard the voices of people being tortured in next cell, they started to hit the doors in protest and they chanted slogans ‘Human dignity will win torture’. Prison guards came to the cell of Ahmet, Serhat Tüzer and Kemal Avc? and beaten them with nightsticks. They wanted to be taken to the medical room because Tüzer’s head was damaged. Just then the chief prison guard and the other guards came in and told them ‘okey, you will be taken to the medical room.’ Instead, they were taken to the sponge room by force and tortured for 5 hours.”
K?l?ç added that Kemal Avc? was taken to the medical room only after fainting because of the torture.
“When they were unable to walk and taken to the medical room, the doctor wrote a false report although the torture signs were clearly visible. Despite their opposition, the doctor wrote ‘hit the door, fell down’ on the report as explanation and swept the torture under carpet.” said K?l?ç.
K?l?ç pointed out that they tried to prevent her to hold her open meeting in the following day with her fiance but they had to open the doors due to her harsh response and because her lawyer stepped in.
K?l?ç added; “He was having difficulty with speaking. Some time ago, he had to remove the nail of his toe on his right foot because of a health problem. Knowing this, the guards especially stepped on that toe many times during the torture and shattered his finger.”
Applying to Tekirda? Chief Public Prosecutor after the open meeting, K?l?ç said that they will go on pursuing every legal option against the savagery in prisons.

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