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Ceasefire is in accordance with Ocalan’s message

Reminding the fact that Kurdish problem is one of the crucial problems in the Middle East which needs an urgent solution Karayilan said: “In the current situation and the phase we need to reach serious conclusions and seek a drastic solution. We consider that peace and solution are closer than ever, as the historical, political and social conditions are requiring a solution for the problem and the duty falls on our shoulders. Our movement have being putting a great effort to solve the problem since the very beginning. It is a well known fact that our leadership Abdullah Ocalan has been working for a peaceful and democratic solution for 18 years. In that regard our leadership has played a crucial role in the process of taking the decision we are to declare today. He sent a message to the Executive Committee of KCK in order to extend the ceasefire.”

One-sided efforts do not suffice for the solution

Karayilan further stated that the Turkish government have failed to take necessary steps on the way to the peace and since the declaration of the ceasefire on 13 August several provocative incidents took palace, the attack is Peyanis village of Hakkari is to be one of them. “We extended our unilateral ceasefire which was supposed to end on the 20 September. We were willing to continue this ceasefire period in order to provide a suitable atmosphere to develop mutual trust and turn the period into a permanent ceasefire. However, we are concerned about the sincerity of the AKP government who has been holding security submits together with USA and Iraq and issue permissions for cross-border operations in order to purge our movement. Moreover, the language and the psychological war conducted by the government are confirming our concerns.”

The ceasefire is to be reviewed in a month

Karayilan continued: “We need to observe whether the dialog started with our leadership will reach any conclusions. Therefore, we find it necessary to review our ceasefire decision in a month which we re willing to turn into a permanent ceasefire. If a mutual trust atmosphere is created then the ceasefire will turn into indefinite. Otherwise, we will need to evaluate the situation. ”

Conditions for ceasefire

Declaring that the guerrillas will not conduct any operations other than routine and necessary activities Karayilan added: “The guerrillas will use their right to defence themselves and reprisal if the face any threats and attacks. Self-defence will be the basis of this period for our forces.”

Karayilan also enumerated the conditions for turning the ceasefire into indefinite. The conditions follow:

– Ending military operations against guerrilla bases. Military operations will per se make the period lose its meaning.

– Ending political operations against the Kurdish people in social, political and cultural fields. As these operations will provoke the period the Turkish state should remain reluctant no to resort pressure, violence and arbitrary arrests against the Kurds.

– Preparing a democratic constitution. As a democratic constitution is vital for the solution it cannot be delayed any more. Therefore, there should be concrete steps taken for the democratisation of Turkey.

– Deepening the dialog and negotiations with Abdullah Ocalan. Negotiating with the leader Kurdish leader Ocalan is a must to be able to continue the period. While the general situation and security aspects can be negotiated with leader Ocalan, democratic rights and a new constitution aspect can be negotiated with the legitimate representatives of the Kurdish people DTK and BDP.

Karayilan concluded: “The interlocutor for the problem is clear: The leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and the solution is a Democratic Republic and Autonomous Kurdistan.”

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