TAK behind Istanbul Bomb Attack

by editor | 4th November 2010 3:02 pm

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The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons announced on their website that the suicide bomber who blew up himself and injured 32 people in Istanbul last Sunday was a member of their organization. The organization declared not to support the PKK’s decision for a ceasefire.

The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), a wing of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party(PKK), assumed responsibility for the attack of the suicide bomber in Istanbul on 31 October. 32 people were injured in the attack, the attacker died. The group published a statement on their website, saying “This action of revenge was organized and carried out upon the initiative of Vedat Acar, member of the command level at TAK”. It was announced that Acar joined TAK in 2005. The organization announced that the bomb attack had not been aimed at civilians. The statement made clear that TAK did not support the PKK’s decision for a ceasefire and that they would continue fighting. According to its declaration, TAK considers the “policies pursued by the PKK insufficient in terms of balance”. The group had also claimed responsibility for a road side bomb attack on a shuttle bus for military personnel in Halkal? (Istanbul) on 21 June 2010. Five people died in the attack. They had furthermore declared to be responsible for a road side bomb attack in Küçükçekmece (Istanbul) on 8 June which left 15 policemen injured. TAK previously carried out a suicide bomb attack in Mersin (eastern Mediterranean) in 2008 and targeted the army and the police in bomb attacks in Izmir (western Turkey). (EÜ/VK)


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