Legalisation of the Abertzale Left

by editor | 1st March 2011 8:24 am

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Since the 7th February, when the Abertzale Left presented the new party’s constitution more and more voices are calling for the legalisation of the Abertzale Left in the Spanish state.
Legal experts have spoken in favour of legalisation, such prominent names as the Attorney of Justice of the Basque Country, Juan Calparsoro, spokeswoman for the General Council of the Judiciary, Gabriela Bravo, Javier Pérez Royo himself said that “the presented constitution is spotless, and goes far beyond what may be required.”
At a political level, among the parties with institutional representation we must highlight the statement of the federal coordinator of IU Cayo Lara “You can not deny or delay the legalisation of a force that complies with the conditions imposed by the law.”
Among nationalist parties the declarations of the leader of ERC, Puigcercois, are meaningful, as he urged the “Spanish government to remedy the past mistakes,” referring to the banning of Batasuna, BNG sent a press release with a firm commitment for the legalisation of the Abertzale Left. The PNV with its characteristic ambiguous message has advocated in the European Parliament for the legalisation of Sortu “for it complies with the law” said Izaskun Bilbao.
Other parties with institutional representation are defending the legalisation and asking the Spanish State for steps in that direction, parties such as the CUT-BAI from Andalucia, ERC on Balearic Ils and both Solidaritat Catalana and CUP from Catalunya.
The support among the extra-parliamentary political forces and movements includes Causa Galiza and NOS-UP from Galiza, Bloque Indepedentista de Cuchas of Aragon, and the newly formed Anti-Capitalist Left at a Spanish state level.
Many of the communist movements and parties hold the same points, parties as Corriente Roja, Iniciativa Comunista, the PCPE in its IX. Congress passed a resolution in favour of legalisation, including also the POR (Partido Obrero Revolucionario), The PSAN from Catalunya, etc.
Support comes from different sectors, the youth organization Maulets from Catalunya, the inter-union of Aragon and the WSF (World Sinidical Federation).
Personalities like Carod Rovira, Santiago Carrillo, Xosé Manuel Beiras … have positioned themselves in favour of legalisation and there will be more discordant voices with the current policy of the state.

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