Gaddafi planes ‘destroy Misurata fuel tanks’

by editor | 7th May 2011 12:24 pm

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 Gaddafi forces used small planes for the overnight attack in Qasr Ahmed close to Misurata port
Libyan government forces dropped bombs on four large oil storage tanks in the contested western city of Misurata, destroying the tanks and sparking a fire that spread to four more, a rebel spokesman said on Saturday.
Government forces used small, pesticides spraying planes for the overnight attack in Qasr Ahmed close to the port, said spokesman Ahmed Hassan.

Rebels notified NATO about the planes before the attack but there was no response, he said.

Government forces last month flew at least one helicopter reconnaissance mission over Misurata, according to rebels.

Misurata is the last remaining city in the east under rebel control. It has been under siege for more than two months and has witnessed some of the war’s fiercest fighting between loyalists and rebels.

“Four tanks were totally destroyed and huge fire erupted which spread now to the other four. We cannot extinguish it because we do not have the right tools,” Ahmed Hassan said.

“Now the city will face a major problem. Those were the only source of fuel for the city. These tanks could have kept the city for three months with enough fuel,” he said by telephone.

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