Court rejected release of 4 Block deputies

by editor | 26th June 2011 7:26 am

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Court rejected release request by Hatip Dicle, Selma Irmak,Faysal Sar?y?ld?z and Kemal Akta?

The four Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block democratically elected deputies Hatip Dicle, Selma Irmak,Faysal Sar?y?ld?z and Kemal Akta? have been refused their release application. The four are in prison in Diyarbak?r for the so called KCK (Kurdish Communities Confederation) trial.
Diyarbak?r 6th High Criminal Court has rejected the release request presented by the lawyers of the newly elected deputies.
The decision of Diyarbakir 6th High Criminal Court concluded that it was the self-defense given in Kurdish by the four deputies to ultimately prevent their release.  The deputies, who had undergone 23 hearings, have given their statements in Kurdish. Their lawyers didn’t attend the last three court hearings.
Using the Kurdish language as a reason not to release the deputies the Court has shown once again that the real reason behind the rejection of the release application is political.

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