Heavy clashes between Iran and PJAK

PJAK Foreign Relations Representative ?emal Be?iri said Iranian army retreated within Iranian borders

Heavy clashes have been lived today at midday between the Iranian army and PJAK guerrillas on the Serde?t-Piran?ar line.
While the Iranian army reportedly attacked PJAK guerrillas in the region of Katuman village in Zelê but was forced to retreat, 17 Iranian soldiers are reported to have died in this region. According to the information received from PJAK sources, a large number of Iranian soldiers died. The guerrillas are reported to hold the bodies of nine dead guerrillas and to have seized the arms of soldiers. After a partial withdrawal, Iranian soldiers are reported to be in preparation for a new attack.
During the intense artillery shooting on the region, the Iranian army dropped bombs on a village today, hitting a school and a house in Sune village of Qeladize. Making a statement to ANF, PJAK Foreign Relations Representative ?emal Be?iri noted that a 27-year-old woman Hatice Ömer got wounded during the attack, while local residents left their homes and fled to safe areas.
According to Cabar Yawer, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Peshmerga in Federal Kurdistan Region, 400 villages have been evacuated since 2007 due to the attacks by Turkey and Iran.
Meanwhile, according to the information received, the Iranian army has attempted to cross the border in the border regions of Sardasht and Piran?ar cities of Eastern Kurdistan. While the attack therewith encountered a guerrilla resistance, clashes became intense in Dola Kokê, De?ta Wezne and Zelê regions of Qandil.
According to PJAK, 53 soldiers were killed in this area at Saturday night, 40 soldiers were killed in Katuman and 15 in Berdenaze on Sunday. The total loss of the Iranian army is reported to have risen to at least 125 in three days.
While the guerrilla doesn’t report any loss of life in the third day of the clashes according to PJAK sources, PJAK Spokesman ?erzad Kemanger had earlier announced that seven guerrillas lost their lives in the first two days of the clashes.


The Iranian army covers up its losses and claims to have taken the control of the region and three PJAK camps, according to IRNA news agency, Sardasht Regional Commander of Revolutionary Guards, Delaver Rençberzadeh, stated that only one soldier died and three were wounded during the clashes.

Remarking that the statements of the Iranian regime don’t reflect the reality, PJAK Foreign Relations Representative ?emal Be?iri told that the Iranian army is now not across the border with the Kurdistan Federal Region as it had to withdraw from the clashes areas because of the resistance put up by the guerrillas.

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