Iran and PKK at risk of imminent war

by editor | 26th July 2011 6:22 am

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ollowing heavy losses, including ten senior commanders, in clashes with Kurdish guerrillas, the Iranian army sent reinforcements and heavy weapons on the border to invade Kandil mountain. After PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan), the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), the largest Kurdish armed organization, is preparing for the war front, saying that the Iranian army has massed troops along the entire border.

Iranian forces are conducting a major operation since July 16 on the border areas with Iraqi Kurdistan. So far, all attempts to infiltrate the Iraqi border, have been foiled by PJAK guerrillas.


The Iranian shelling on Kurdish villages continued since the beginning of the operation, becoming increasingly violent. According to local sources, the army warned villagers to leave the area. At least five people were injured, including a woman in the Iranian shelling on the village of Sune, near Qala Dize, in Iraqi Kurdistan.


PJAK claims to have killed more than 150 Iranian soldiers in clashes and attacks carried out in retaliation for the military operation during the first eight days. Among the losses are thought to be also ten Iranian senior commanders, including three generals. They have been killed between 17 and 21 July in two different attacks.

Three generals and five commanders were killed July 21 in an ambush in Dola Koke, in the region of Kandil. They are Gen Abbas of the Revolutionary Guards Body in Qom (center), Colonel Delavar Ranjbarzadeh, commander of the Revolutionary Guards (Pasdaran) in the region of Sardasht (Iranian Kurdistan, north-western Iran) , commander of special forces Hadjiagha Maroufi and five other senior commanders: Ali Akhbar Jamrassi, Mahmoud Tabar, Najat Mousavi, Mahdi Khabir, Rohoullah Sehrahi.

Two other commanders, Colonel Muhammad Abdullah and Colonel Aram Habibollah Zadeh, were killed on July 17 in the region of Komasan in a guerrillas ambush.

A spokesman for PJAK has announced that eight guerrilla fighters have lost their life and four have been wounded during the first seven days of the military operation.


While the Iranian regime continues with its manipulation and covering up of the truth and deaths among its ranks, the army has massed troops on an area of 15 km at the borders of Turkey bombing also PKK controlled areas. The PKK is at war with Turkey for 30 years.

At least 300 Turkish commandos were deployed at the border to bring the support of the AKP government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the Iranian regime, local sources said.


In this unjustified war against PJAK, which was observing a ceasefire since 2009, several Iranian soldiers have fled, especially in the areas of Sardasht and Piranshahr indicate local sources. The “village guards”, members of a militia created by the Iranian authorities to counter the guerrillas, also refuse to participate in the war against “Kurdish brothers.”


Head of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), Murat Karayilan, said PJAK is waging a war to prevent the Iranian army to invade the region. “The aim of Iran is ultimately to invade Kandil” Karayilan said, announcing the presence of 30,000 troops on the border. “We have not declared war against Iran,” he added stating his support for PJAK.


PKK guerrillas are making war preparation in the regions of Xinere and Xakurke, between Iran, Iraq and Turkey.


According to information obtained, the Iranian regime is planning to take control of Berdanaze, Berdebizina, and Mount Lelikan Shekif on the border of the city of Sidekan, in Iraqi Kurdistan, defining a second boundary line. The region is officially Sidekan within the borders of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, but this area is under the protection of PKK guerrillas.

PKK says it is ready to confront the Iranian army, while calling for an immediate cessation of operations. “The Kurds are the oldest people on the land (…) we will not submit and we will never do! ” said lead PKK.


PKK and PJAK also criticize the silence of the autonomous Kurdish government in Baghdad for not having any official reaction to Iranian aggression. According to the Kurdish MP Mahmoud Osman, the three countries (Iran, Iraq and Turkey) have agreed on the transaction. “Silence is the assertion, which proves that there is an agreement between Iran, Iraq and Turkey,” he said. “Obviously, America is also supporting this situation. It is standing by Turkey on this issue and it is sharing intelligence with Turkey. Turkey is then passing this information to Iran. There is an alliance between the three countries.”

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