Kurdish mayors for autonomy

by editor | 10th July 2011 7:59 am

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101 Kurdish mayors called for a uniateral declaration of Kurdish autonomy and said the Democratic Society Congress (DTK) should hold a emergency meeting to discuss the issue.
The mayors as well as 10 city council presidents gathered in Diyarbak?r to discuss recent political developments in Turkey concerning the Kurdish Question. The outcome of the June 12 elections and parliamentary boycott of the Peace and Democracy party was on the agenda of the mayors.
The mayor of Van Bekir Kaya made a public statement after the meeting and said the mayors supports the idea of declaring democratic autonomy in Kurdish region where BDP achieved a significant electoral victory.
Kaya said majority of the Kurdish people voted for democratic autonomy and DTK should respond this demand immidiately.
Kaya proposed 7 points which he say are the elements necessary to solve the Kurdish Question
1) The negotiations with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan should continue and his prison conditions should be improved

2) Turkish parliament should immidiately establish the Peace Council, Constitution Council and Truth Commission

3) The detained Kurdish politicians and activists should be released from prison

4) A democratic constitution should be on the agenda of the new parliament as soon as possible

5) All the repressive laws should be amended immidiately

6) Democratic Autonomy should be declared as the new state model of Turkey

7) DTK should immidiately hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to declare democratic autonomy in Kurdish region

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