Demirta?: there is a great risk of war

Speaking at the BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) parliamentary group meeting in Diyarbak?r, the group president, Selahattin Demirta?, pointed out that Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan had said “I will solve the Kurdish issue in one week. We as a Block said, let’s solve it. But the government is preparing for war. There is a great danger to enter in a deeper war situation”. But, the deputy added, “everybody must know that this war is not the people’s war. This is the government and prime minister war”.
BDP parliamentary group Selahattin Demirtas has opened the works yesterday of the third group meeting in Diyarbakir. Remarking that the Kurdish question is the most important problem in Turkey, Selahattin Demirtas said; “The subject is brought to the government’s agenda only when this problem starts hurting. Further, the problem is approached from a wrong point of view, from the point of security. Now that the issue is the bitter agenda of Turkey, the government is supposed to leave all other things aside, if required, and only deal with this issue. The government is mentioning about the political crises in Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia but it never handles the present danger of crisis in Turkey which is many times greater than the crisis in those countries. The government tries is in a struggle for covering up this agenda.”


Considering the international intervention in Syria and then Iran, there came out to be no preparations for a peaceful solution in Turkey. It has been understood that the government is resorting to serious concept changes by turning back to 90’s. Some claim that this concept was changed after the Silvan event but it isn’t right. This concept had already been designed before the Silvan event, which was used by the AKP as an excuse. We already know that the AKP is doing preparations in police and army since last year. Why are they creating a private army of fifteen thousand people?

If you don’t want mothers to cry, if you will solve this problem through dialogue and if you are having talks in Imral?, why is the need for an army of fifteen thousand people, which was decided by the council of ministers last year, long before the Silvan event? Mr. Ocalan wanted the problem to be solved within a week. The Block wants to solve this problem. So, why are these preparations for war? Why are the actors of the issue, who tell that they are ready for peace, occupied in special operations teams and military operations?”

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