This is not the road to peace, says Tu?luk

by editor | 16th August 2011 6:22 am

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Commenting on Prime Minister remarks, Van deputy says Erdo?an chosing war
DTK (Democratic Society Congress) co-chair and Van MP Aysel Tu?luk has responded to the Prime Minister remarks. Speaking about recent clashes and losses suffered by the army Erdo?an had said that “the cost of this will be heavy for them”. The Prime Minister avoided saying that in fact military operations have increased and become heavier in the past few weeks, despite the call for peace from the Kurdish side and the despite the fact that the PKK is still in an active defense position.
Deliberately ignoring this the Prime Minister also hit out at the BDP and DTK saying that “those who fail to distance themselves from the separatist terrorist organization in this country are also abetting this crime. They are also doomed to pay the price for that”.

Going back to the usual threatening war language Erdo?an said that “We are maintaining our patience because of our respect for Ramadan. But, everyone should know that the beginning of peace will be more different after this month of peace and solidarity”.

Aysel Tu?luk remarked that “both the DTK and BDP have won consensus among the people and the Prime Minister has to accept this”.

The Van deputy also added that “there are two roads which can be pursued if one wants to deal with the Kurdish question: you can chose to take the road to solve the Kurdish question through dialogue and so recognizing the existence and rights of the Kurdish people and find ways in which two people can live together enjoying the same rights, or you can chose to ignore the Kurds and continue on the path of one state, one people, one language, one flag. In doing so, you simply continue on the path taken in the ’90s which is a path of war and sorrow”. Tu?luk added that “listening to Prime Minister Erdo?an’words, it appears clear that the AKP has decided not to chose the first path, the path towards peace”.

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