BDP to enter parliament on 1 October

Demirta?: We will return to Parliament

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirta? explained decision to enter Parliament

BDP Co-Chair said the followings at the press conference held after the BDP meeting in the Cegerxwîn Cultural Center in Diyarbak?r;
“The boycott decision we made in the political conditions of that day was a resistance, an attitude. And today we feel the need to determine a new attitude and stance in the present situation. We attach importance and appreciate all the calls made to us to return to the Parliament, particularly by the DTK (Democratic Society Congress) and the Congress.
At this stage, to defend peace against war more powerfully, to give a parliamentary support to our people who are resisting against attacks, to be true to the promise we made to all social segments of the society, to strengthen the resistance front against political operations and to contribute to the struggle of ensuring freedom for Hatip Dicle and all arrested all politicians, we have decided to take part in the parliamentary works as of 1 October as a political resistance move which we believe is true.
To open the way to democratic politics and to re-conduct negotiations more wholesomely, we would like our decision to be turned into a good opportunity by all relevant circles and we would like everyone to act rationally and to make up for the opportunities of peace that have been missed so far.

As the Labor, Democracy and Freedom Block, we state that we are ready to meet all the challenging processes of the coming period and we ensure that we will practice the self-criticism we made to our people due to the deficiencies of the recent period.

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