Demirta?: 2474 years imprisonment asked for BDP

by editor | 16th October 2011 9:41 am

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BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirta? remarked that BDP politics in the Parliament will lose its meaning should Ahmet Türk stripped of his deputyship in connection with the ongoing cases. Noting that 656 summaries were issued about BDP deputies, Demirta? said; “They demand 2474 years imprisonment for us.” 

Speaking to daily newspaper Cumhuriyet, Demirta? said; “The AKP has a problem with the perspective of democracy. The AKP, believing that it has reached the furthest point of its democracy perspective, will not go further in this respect.”

Demirta? stated that the AKP had an ideological perspective towards Kurds and it intended to make an end of them instead of negotiating with a left organization which it saw as an enemy, adding; “Their purpose is to end the Kurds and the PKK, not the end the violence of the PKK which would otherwise make them draw the organization from mountains.
Demirta? continued as follows; “The amendments concerning the freedom of press, freedom of expression, special authorized courts and durations of detention will be the signs of the AKP’s sincerity during constitutional works. The new constitution must enable the release of all arrested journalists and politicians but the Prime Minister says that it will be put into effect one year later. Why are we waiting for one more year? We need to enact the necessary laws in the soonest time.”
The summaries and imprisonment sentences against us are a problem because they will block the process. I don’t mean to begin any discussion but supposing that Ahmet Türk’s file at the Supreme Court was approved and he was stripped of his membership in the parliament, we will not wait there until all of us arrested since this will mean that we can’t do politics anymore.”

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