More arrests as the day begun

Police carried out raids in 18 districts of Istanbul today and detained 83 people only in Istanbul.
Yet another day opens with news of dozens of people detained. In Istanbul earlier this morning at least 83 BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) are said to have been taken into custody in the context of the KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) operation, which is vague enough in its charges to allow the detention of virtually every single Kurdish politician and activist. Among the detainees are seven BDP PM members, 18 district chairs, co-chairs and administrators, up to 58 party members, institution administrators, city council members, Özgür Gündem (Free Agenda) paper’s editor Kaz?m ?eker and Socialist Democracy Party (SDP) member Önder Di?lio?lu.
In Diyarbak?r police have been raiding several houses since last night. It is understood that at least 40 BDP members and executives have been taken into custody. Among the detained people are BDP executive Erkan Pi?kin, BDP provincial administrators, members of BDP Women’s Council and City Council.
BDP Diyarbak?r MP Nursel Aydo?an’s house was also raided and searched by police for a long time.
After having her house raided by police, Derik BDP mayor, Ça?lar Demirel has been taken into custody and sent to Diyarbak?r.
The police raided the mayor’s house earlier this morning. The search lasted for about three hours and then the mayor was arrested.
As soon as the news of the search spread people in the city of Derik gathered in front of the house of the mayor chanting slogans against the police repression of Kurdish politicians and elected representatives.
Among 13 BDP members, who were taken into custody in Tatvan district of Bitlis on September 30th, eleven were arrested in Van on charges of “being organization administrators” and “making propaganda for the organization”.
As to 13 BDP executives and members who were taken into custody three days ago with house raids in Kartal and Pendik districts of ?stanbul, nine were arrested and sent to prison.

Other 19 people who were detained in ?ehit Kamil and ?ahinbey districts of Antep on October 1st with house raids carried out by police on the houses of BDP executives, KURD?-DER and Media Culture Center buildings, were also referred to the Court of Antep.

Two BDP members were also taken into custody in Ankara as a result of police raids in their houses today.

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