Photo of shame


The photo was sent to ANF and it is clearly a threat to Kurdish people

ANF Turkish page has published a very disturbing picture and distributed to many media outlets. The photo was sent to ANF.
It is not clear where and when the photo was taken but the content is unmistakably an intimidation to Kurdish people. It shows the lifeless bodies of two guerrillas, tied with a rope, in front of a monument dedicated to the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.
The bust of Atatürk bears the slogan of the Republic, “Happy is he who can say I am a Turk”.
Behind there is another slogan, “A country cannot be divided”.
The photo is a strike and disturbing reminding that nothing has changed as far as the approach towards the legitimate demands of the Kurds is concerned.
Indeed prime minister Erdo?an said: “It is impossible to have freedom and democracy if people are killed in such an atrocious way”. And he was obviously referring to the soldiers who died fighting a war which only is for the benefit of few.
It is about time everyone takes a closer look to images like this and rise their voice against the brutality of war and the ongoing repression of Kurds.
The photo is quite disturbing and one wonders whether to publish it or not. We have decided to publish it because we believe it deserves an answer by the highest authorities. Democracy begins with justice.

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