At least 35 civilians slaughtered by Turkish warplanes

F-16 warplanes bombed civilians last night
Around 50 civilians, allegedly smugglers, have been killed by the bombardment of Turkish F-16 warplanes in Ortasu (Roboski) of Uludere district of ??rnak last night.
Among 50 people whose ages range between 15 and 30, 36 have been confirmed dead so far. 15 others are reported missing.
Relatives of victims are trying to find the scattered parts of bodies in the area. While only BDP members have arrived the village, the number of deaths is estimated to be higher. The bodies are reported to be completely burnt and unrecognizable. Some sort of chemical bombs might have been used in the assault, according to the statements of people who managed to survive.
It is reported that 17 people are still missing, according to villagers statements.
The names of 19 of the people slaughtered and whose bodies were found have been confirmed by villagers. The names are:
Özcan Uysal, Nevzat Encü, Salih Encü, Ferhat Encü, ?ervan Encü, Osman Kaplan, M. Ali Tosun, Nadir Almak, Yüksel Ürek, Salih Ürek, Adem And, Hamza Encü, Cemal Encü, Sivan Encü, Bedran Encü, Hüseyin Encü, Selam Encü, Aslan Encü, Celal Encü

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