Today is the day of mourning

by editor | 30th December 2011 4:38 pm

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Today funerals of the 35 civilians murdered by Turkish warplanes are taking place
Today is the day of the funerals. The 35 civilians slaughtered by Turkish warplanes are going to be buried today. Thousands continue to pay their tribute to the families of these innocent men and young boys who were killed from the air, not a chance to escape the massacre. Indeed only three men managed to survive the bombs.
The bodies of the 35 victims are on their way to the village of Gülyaz? where they will be buried.
The autopsy was done at Uludere State Hospital and lasted until the morning. Then the painful journey from the hospital to the mosque where the bodies have been washed according to Islamic tradition begun.
Prayers were accompanied by slogans like “?ehîd namirin” (Martyrs never die) and “Katil Erdo?an” (Erdo?an murderer) as well as “PKK intikam” (PKK revenge). A crying mother lifted a barrel of fuel into the air and shouted “Look at this, for this you killed my son”.
The bodies were accompanied by thousands along the road. All night BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) deputies were at the hospital comforting families. BDP co-chairs Selahattin Demirta? and Gültan K??anak arrived on Thursday, together with BDP deputies Hasip Kaplan, Özdal Üçer, Ayla Akat Ata, BDP executive Y?ld?z Akta?, Diyarbak?r mayor Osman Baydemir, Van mayor Bekir Kaya.
Shops were closed in many cities around Kurdistan as a sign of mourning.

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