Arrests and house searches underway in 11 cities

by editor | 13th January 2012 8:54 am

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House searches and raids are underway in Ankara, ?stanbul, Mersin, Batman, Diyarbak?r, Siirt, Van, Urfa, Adana, A?r? and Mardin since the early hours of this morning.
The police operation has been targeting BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) and KESK (Public Employment Union) buildings as well as many houses.
It has been confirmed that BDP Van former Van MP and BDP co-vice president, Fatma Kurtulan has been detained, as well as many other people whose identity is still not known.
House and building raids are still going on in many places.
In Urfa several searches have been carried out including at the BDP main building, KURDÎ-DER association and BDP Political Academy.
In ?stanbul it is understood police have searched the house of Ba?c?lar BDP president Zekiye ?lbasan, who has been taken into custody.
In Mersin and Siirt houses searches are still going on.
In Ankara police targeted union KESK general office.
Among the houses raided by police is also that of DIHA News agency journalist Murat Çiftçi.
It is understood today’s raids are carried out on order by the ?stanbul 10th Criminal Court.

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