BDP: Turkey sliding into chaos


It is clear that police operations against Kurds are managed coordinately by the AKP government, says BDP
The BDP has reacted strongly to the latest wave of arrests today.
In a press release co-chairs Selahattin Demirta? and Gu?ltan K??anak had said that “It is clear that, police operations against Kurds are managed coordinately by the AKP Government. All the police raids happened just after the PM Erdog?an’s comminatory speeches against Kurdish politicians. Especially after the last modifications on the judicial system under the name of the “judicial reforms”, judges and prosecutors abide by AKP Government. In spite of this reality is criticized by some columnists, AKP Government increases the pressures step by step against media executives”.
Pointing out that the majority of the media organizations in Turkey are under the control of AKP Government, the BDP executives said that “We experienced this reality in virtue of the Uludere Massacre on 28 December 2011. 35 Kurdish villagers were killed by the Turkish F-16s’ bombardment ever though the victims’ identification was confirmed by the border security units before the bombardment. The AKP Government is continuing to protect the responsible of the massacre. Additionally, government is preventing any news on TVs or newspapers about the Uludere Massacre”.

As for today the BDP co-chairs underlined that “Turkey is sliding into a chaos because of the AKP Government’s totalitarian regime. Not only Kurdish politicians, but also Turkish democrats, advocates, journalists, thousands of students and NGOs’ members are jailed without any reasonable grounds by the AKP Government. Especially Anti-Terror Law, Turkish Criminal Code and Law of Criminal Procedure allow prosecutors to arrest Kurds and oppositions without any evidence”.

According to the BDP “It’s clear that none of BDP members are accused as being a part of the violence. Only speeches on Kurdish Identity or attending democratic meetings are perceived as terrorist activity by the Turkish Judicial System. Special Authorized Courts keep going of the illegitimate state security courts in Turkey. Therefore, thousands of Kurds are being in prisons.”

The AKP Government, said the two co-chairs is “trying to criminalize BDP and its members by these arrestments. Nevertheless, AKP Government receives very strong support from member states of the European Union and the United States”.

These pressures, added the two co-chairs “will not intimidate our party and Kurdish People. In the light of these developments, BDP and Kurdish People will re-organize themselves against to the AKP’s barbarianism”.

In a call to the international public opinion, all the associate organizations and pro-democracy institutions the BDP asks “to take up position against AKP Government’s political massacres and totalitarian ideology. We would like to say that peoples’ freedom history and Kurdish People will not forget any contribution for real democracy in Turkey and solidarity with Kurdish people”.

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