Kurds to campaign against USA


Demonstrations to be staged in front of U.S. embassies in Europe to protest American help to Turkey
Kurds are for the first time mobilizing against the U.S. government which has for a long time supported Turkey’s military and slaughter policies against Kurds. Demonstrations will be staged in front of U.S. embassies in all European countries within the scope of the protest campaign.
The campaign which has been launched by KON-KURD (the Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe) and 10 federations affiliated to it with 170 unions begins today and will last till January 31th.
As a part of of the campaign of Kurdish institutions which criticize the USA for being a party to the Kurdish slaughter, demonstrators will also send individual letters and files of their demands to president Barack Obama and the US Congress.
While the campaign is reported to consist of different actions and activities, the Kurdish institutions organizing it urged all associations, organizations, media outlets and artists in Federal Region of Kurdistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey to support the campaign to protest against the U.S. policy towards Kurds.

In the statement calling on people to mobilize, KON-KURD and the other associations organizing the protest underlined the recent massacres and operations in which the Turkish army had the support of the USA. It is no mystery that the USA have been providing Turkey with intelligence on PKK camps and movements. Indeed the U.S. have deployed four RQ-1 Predator MALE drones at Turkey’s southern ?ncirlik airbase to fly over PKK camps in northern Iraq and provide the Turkish military intelligence.

The organizers of the campaign are: Avrupa Kürt Dernekleri Konfederasyonu (KON-KURD), Almanya Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (YEK-KOM); Fransa Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEYKA-KURDISTAN); ?ngiltere Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FED-B?R); Avusturya Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEY-KOM); ?sviçre Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEKAR-KURDISTAN); Belçika Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEK-BEL) ; Hollanda Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FED-KOM) ; ?sveç Kürt Konseyi (KURDISTKA RADET) ; Danimarka Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEY-KURD); Balkan Ülkeleri Kürt Dernekleri Federasyonu (FEK-BAL)

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