“No one will be able to prevent us from serving our people”

We will not agree to play any role you might want to give us in your script
We publish a message from the 35 journalists in prison since 20 December 2011. They were arrested within the context of the so called KCK (Kurdish Communities Union) operation.
Within the scope of the so called “integrated project” which was openly spoken about by Deputy PM Be?ir Atalay, we, 48 free press workers, were taken into custody on 20 December. 35 of us were sent to prison. In boasting about the ambition of this “integrated project”, Atalay has actually shown to the public opinion that even the anti-democratic 12 September 1980 Constitution is being violated by this project.
We are aware of the fact that it would be useless to demand an end to such a blatant injustice which has the hallmarks of a government which boasts about “how well” the judiciary functions.  
We therefore call on you, government now to deepen your cruelty so that your end could come earlier. Be in no doubt that our resistance will be strong enough to break your suppression. We know very well that resistance is the only way to put an end to this injustice.
When a journalist friend apologized to us for being released after being detained with us, it shows you that we are ready to pay the necessary price when it comes to struggle to convey the truth of what is happening in this country to the people.
We are therefore aware of the script you are putting on the stage. However we will not agree to play any role you might want to give us in your script.

On the other hand, we will determine our own roles without ever leaving the stage.

We end by stressing that there will be no power nor force able to prevent us from serving our people. This would be like this: whether we stay inside or outside (the prison). We express our gratitude to all who support us and don’t leave the flag on the ground.

We hope to meet in days when judges don’t arrest people on the basis of accusations that they themselves don’t believe in either.

Free press workers in prison

Note: Defending cross border operations by the Turkish army Deputy PM Be?ir Atalay has recently stated that the “ongoing cross border operations have been an effective answer [to the PKK attacks]. This is a new integrated strategy.” Atalay said the policies implemented by the government were part of a new security strategy. This security strategy involves a multidimensional approach to the issue of security, beginning with air control which Ankara deems crucial to achieve the control of the territory now controlled by the PKK. The Ankara integrated project relates to all Kurds. Who does not accept the central rule will be repressed.

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