The incredible story of a book not distributed

by editor | 30th January 2012 7:05 am

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A scientific historical book has been denied distribution for five years on the grounds of carrying the word “Kurdistan”.
The “Batman History and Culture Symposium” which took place in 2008 within the scope of Culture and Tourism Week published its papers in a book in the same year under the leadership of the governorship. However, the governorship has so far avoided taking responsibility for the distribution of the book in which the word “Kurdistan” is written.
While the term’s governor Dr. Recep K?z?lc?k refused to allow the distribution of the book, it is reported that the present governor Ahmet Turhan in the same way avoids taking responsibility for the book.
According to the reports on the event, governors don’t permit the distribution of such books arguing they follow a law stating that it is forbidden to publish books carrying the words “Kurdistan” and “Lazistan”. The law was passed in the first foundation years of the Turkish Republic, 88 years ago.

Despite the decision of Batman Public Prosecution Office which saw no problem with the distribution of the book, the governorship not wanting to distribute the book failed to get a response from Batman University rectorship which was offered to undertake responsibility for the book’s distribution. The governorship of Batman is reported to be in the search of ways for the book’s distribution, like the replacement of governorship’s logo on the book with the logo of a NGO.

The “Batman History and Culture Symposium” which was attended by 106 scientists in 2008 was published into a book by editor Assoc. Dr. Adnan Çevik. The 800 page book is the first scientific document as to the history and culture of Batman and the surrounding area.


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