Turkish Embassy in Baghdad attacked amid rising tension

by editor | 18th January 2012 12:39 pm

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The Turkish embassy’s flag flies next to holes punched into a wall in one of about a dozen rocket attacks launched by guerillas in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad December 25, 2003. (Photo: Reuters)
 Three rockets were fired at the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad with one having hit the embassy’s outside walls, a Turkish envoy in Baghdad has said.
Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Yunus Demirer told the Anatolia news agency on Wednesday that they have not yet been able to determine where the other two rockets hit. The attack comes amidst a deepening political crisis between Turkey and Iraq.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Iraq’s ambassador to Turkey, Abdulemir Kamil Abi-Tabikh, to its headquarters in Ankara on Tuesday to inform him of Turkey’s unease over recent Iraqi criticism just a day after Iraq made a similar move regarding Turkey through Turkey’s ambassador to Baghdad. Abi-Tabikh was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Monday by the ministry’s undersecretary, Feridun Sinirlio?lu, regarding Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s verbal assault on Turkey for what he characterized as interference in Iraqi affairs.

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