Vigil for Ocalan in Strasbourg

by editor | 26th June 2012 8:37 am

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Kurds in Europe will make their voice heard again. As a follow up of the Geneva-Strasbourg Long March in the winter and the 52-day-long hunger strike in Strasbourg, Kurds are starting the indefinite ‘Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan Vigil’ event on 25 June 2012 to ask the European Council, European Parliament, European Union countries and western countries like the USA to “stop their political, military and economic support to Turkey, for the freedom of the Kurdish Leader Mr Abdullah Ocalan and for the recognition of the Kurdish peoples’ status in all parts of Kurdistan”, says the appeal.
The Vigil will continue until Mr Abdullah Ocalan is released and obtains his freedom, say the organizers, ‘Freedom for Ocalan Initiative activists and Geneva-Strasbourg marchers’, pointing out that “with this event, we wish to express that we feel with each passing day we will progress Mr Ocalan closer to freedom and due to this, as foremost being the Kurdish women, men, teens, kids, and revolutionaries, intellectuals, democrats and progressivists from Turkey as well as friends of Kurdish people, we will be watching at the Vigil Point in front of Council of Europe”.

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