Demirta?: Turkey should respect Syrian Kurdistan


Syrian Kurds will make the decision on their future in this critical process, said BDP co-chair  Evaluating the recent developments in Syria where clashes between Assad regime’s security forces and Western-supported armed groups have become severer and Kurds have taken the control of some regions, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirta? said that any decision to be made on Syrian Kurdistan should be respected by everyone and especially by the Turkish state.
Demirta? evaluated the Kurdish people’s seizing power in some regions as a consequence of their effort to ensure self-government and pointed out that any external intervention in these regions would be an invasion.
BDP co-chair called attention to the importance of recent developments in Syria which –he underlined- are of particular concern to the internal politics of all countries and the Kurds in the Middle East. 

“The region is going through a critical process as the Kurdish people are accomplishing a result from their long standing efforts to ensure their own political unity”, said Demirta? and added that Syrian Kurds will make the decision on their future in this critical process.

BDP co-chair continued saying that; “All Kurdish people at four sides of Kurdistan should act sensitively in terms of protecting the achievement of the Kurdish people in Syria and making this achievement permanent. I hope the people of Syrian Kurdistan will be staying out of the ongoing clashes across the country but I am of the opinion that no Kurds will remain silent in the event of any attack against the achievements in Kurdish regions of Syria.”

Demirta? remarked that the Turkish foreign policy doesn’t side with an Autonomous Kurdistan in Syria and underlined that it would be for the benefit of Turkey to build good relations with the Kurdish people in Turkey as well.

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