Demirta? to AKP: war cannot solve Kurdish question

Speaking at an event in the province of Batman on Monday, Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirta? called on Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an to admit that military ways cannot resolve the Kurdish problem which –he underlined- can come up with a solution through negotiation and dialogue alone.

Demirta?, reminding of brutal police attack on people in Newroz Day and 14 July rally in Diyarbak?r, said that the Kurdish people have been responded with gas bombs and panzers every time they took to the streets to demand peace and to stage demonstrations against deaths.
BDP co-chair blamed the AKP government for the death of young people and continued saying that; “These deaths are the consequence of the fact that the government has never extended a hand to peace and it has instead passed the resolution on cross-border operation, beaten mothers asking for peace on streets, responded to people for peace with gas bombs and jailed young people and mayors.”
Demirta? noted that the government has respected neither the will of the Kurdish people nor their leader Abdullah Öcalan who “plays the major role of the solution”, he underlined.
“It is a shameful approach of the government to try to put the blame of deaths on Kurdish people who were always insulted and sent back while going to clashes area as human shields to end the operations and to prevent further death of guerrillas, soldiers and other security forces”, said Demirta? who also criticized the Turkish media for covering the truth up as to the ongoing war where, he underlined, dozens of people were dying every day.
BDP co-chair ended calling on relevant government authorities to enter into negotiations to ensure that both sides, referring to PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and TSK (Turkish Armed Forces), can lay arms down.

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