Kurds in Europe to gather at European Council on 1 September

by editor | 28th August 2012 9:36 am

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International Peace Day to be marked by initiatives for Kurdish leader

The International Initiative Freedom for Öcalan called on all Kurds in Europe to gather in front of the European Council on September 1st to expose the isolation imposed on PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) leader.

Kurds in Turkey and North Kurdistan will also take to the streets on 1 September, International Peace Day, to once again voice their demand for the freedom for Öcalan, peace and democratic autonomy. 

The Initiative has so far put its signature under remarkable protest actions around Europe including the fifteen-day Long March from Geneva to Strasbourg last winter, which was followed by the 52-days irreversible hunger strike in Strasbourg in April and the alternate vigil action in front of the European Council building in Strasbourg since 25 July.

The statement by the Initiative voiced strong objection to the severe isolation on Kurdish leader Öcalan and remarked that the European Council and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture have so far failed to fulfill their duty in respect to Imral? isolation. The Initiative criticized both institutions for turning a blind eye to Turkish state’s anti-Kurd policies and ended calling on all Kurdish people and their friends in Europe to ensure active and broad participation in the meeting for freedom for Öcalan.


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