Police attack Freedom March in Cizre and Yüksekova

Turkish police attacked the people joining the “We greet the Freedom March” rally in Cizre in the province of ??rnak on Sunday. The march has been organized by the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) to voice Kurdish people’s demands for a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem and freedom for Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) Leader Abdullah Öcalan. 

Demonstrators responded to police with stones and pushed the police out of the meeting area. Clashes between demonstrators and police teams continue in the district where special operation police units have been deployed in all neighborhoods. 

Thousands of people joined the freedom march in Yüksekova district in the province of Hakkari under the slogan “We greet the Freedom March” as a support message to southwest Kurdistan. 

Clashes broke out between demonstrators and police as young people started a march after the rally. Demonstrators set up barricades on the main Cengiz Topel Street. Police used gas bombs and pressure water against demonstrators who responded the attack with stones.

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