Kürkçü MP: draft report serves state’s interests


Speaking about the draft report passed by the Parliamentary sub comission which should redact a report on the Roboski massacre, BDP Ertu?rul Kürkçü said that “it appears the AKP government is collaborating with the army on this issue”. According to the Peace and Democracy party MP the draft report does not “point out any responsible for the death of 34 civilians” on the night of 28 December 2011.

“The commission members from the AKP – said the BDP deputy – voted in favor to keep the report confidential, a move against all democratic customs of openness, transparency and accessibility.”
The BDP deputy also said that “The draft report gives no explanation of what happened and why. There is no analysis in it aiming to protect the victims of the massacre in Uludere. The draft report – he said – merely describes how the air strike has been launched due to a wrong intelligence which resulted in the death of  34 lives. It blames the lack of coordination between military and civilian intelligence units”.
As to the question of who is responsible, the draft investigation report finds “no involvement of head military or government officials in the incident. It accepts all military input without questioning it”.
Opposition party members of the commission were preparing a declaratory clause on the draft report by next Tuesday.

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