Zeynep Kuray: KCK trials target Kurdish identity

by editor | 27th April 2013 9:11 am

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ANF journalist Zeynep Kuray spoke to ANF following her release after the fourth hearing of the so-called KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) case against Kurdish journalists.

Two out of twenty six Kurdish journalists who have been under arrest since the operation on 20 December 2011 were released yesterday, ANF journalist Zeynep Kuray and D?HA journalist Sad?k Topalo?lu.

Kuray criticized the court board for ordering the release of only two journalists, adding that, “KCK operations and trials are targeting not only Kurdish journalists but also Kurdish identity. Journalists working for the mainstream media can go to Kandil for interviews but we are standing trial for doing the same work. Nam?k Durukan (journalist working for Milliyet daily) has been awarded for his report on the so called Imral? Protocols, while we have been criminalized because of the similar reports we wrote”.
“I am not pleased to be released today. – she said – I cried my eyes out instead. They have punished me by releasing me while holding my friends and colleagues behind bars”, she added and underlined that Kurdish journalists will never give up their work which they are doing risking their life. “They are wrong if they think they will intimidate us”, she noted.

Kuray continued saying the followings, “When we were first taken to court, we were standing on one side of the prison complex while the Ergenekon suspects were on the other side. These are the people responsible for unsolved murders and chemical operations against guerrillas in Kurdistan. We were being tried for investigating these crimes, while they were tried for attempting a coup against the AKP government, not for turning Kurdistan into bloodbath. This is the way the Turkish judiciary works. One day – she added – murderers and those justifying them and those who remained silent despite the massacres will find themselves on the dock”.

Kuray who continued writing while in prison pointed out that she will go back to her work today without losing any time, adding, “I will continue working for ANF. The Kurdish press and people grew stronger and stronger despite the many attacks. My first report will be about our colleagues who have not been released”.

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