Öcalan still hopeful process can progress

by Talking Peace | 18th October 2013 9:46 am

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What will happen to the guerrillas should they happen to return to the society? They will either be arrested or killed by soldiers in the very first place they are seen. This is why it is not possible for those people to leave the mountain unless there is formed a legal ground for their return. This is why we have been calling for the enactment of some laws for the last one year”, Buldan quoted Öcalan as saying.

Buldan stressed that the Kurdish leader asked them not to demand anything from the AKP government and to attain their demands with their own means, including the power of people, local administrations and municipalities.

The Kurdish leader – Buldan said – underlined that the “parallel state mindset” constituted the greatest obstacle to a peace process that may be developed in Turkey, and that the people should join forces and fight against this mindset all together.

“This could be the last time I am having a meeting with the BDP delegation, they might not allow you to the island again. I hope the state and the government do not make such a historic mistake, for you (BDP delegation) are the only one I communicate with and the single way I have to express my opinions”, Buldan quoted Öcalan as saying.

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