Wall of fear


When border fences and minefields were not enough to separate the Northern Kurds and the Kurds in Rojava, Turkey started to build a wall along the border, says a report in Friday’s Özgür Gündem. Resembling the Berlin Wall and the Wall Israel built along the border with the West Bank, the wall exposes Turkey’s policies of preventing Kurds from attaining their freedom in Rojava.

After the YPG took control of the Ceylanp?nar Border Gate between Ceylanp?nar and Serêkaniyê, a wall was constructed to close the border. It is telling that the border has been closed down as the Kurdish High Council has been meeting with officials from the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara. In the last two days, ANHA news agency has been taking footage of the wall’s construction, and as can be seen in their photographs the wall is three meters  tall and strengthened by sandbags.

Turkey did not take any precaution in this area when Al Qaeda controlled the territory immedaitey across the border. As Al Qaeda-affiliated groups carry fights brought from over the world into Syria, they are supplied with arms and transportation by the Turkish state.

Earlier news of a new wall being constructed between Nisêbîn and Qami?lo made it to the press. While the Turkish authorities have cited smuggling as the reason for the wall’s construction, locals have promised to resist its imposition.

Researcher-writer Prof. Haluk Gerger commented on the wall now rising along the Rojava border: “After one hundred years, everyone has understood that these borders, this status quo is dividing the Kurds, and it’s no longer sustenable. It has collapsed in Southern Kurdistan, it is collapsing in Syria. The situation in Turkey is evident. In this situation dividing the Kurdish people, the families, the relatives with a wall takes the issue to a different dimension. It would mean a new declaration of war against all Kurds on the part of Turkey. While international borders all around the world are falling and there are attempts to resolve the problems they are causing –  it is clear that this old, demoded, atrocious, belligerent method has been proven wrong and will do any good for Turkey.” Indicating that a Kurdish authority in Rojava is an opportunity to resolve the conflict in Turkey, Gerger stated that Turkey is looking for different ventures instead of seizing the opportunity.

Gerger added that Turkey does not appear to be sincere in its search for a resolution: “The border is not enough, it is constructing walls. What else, throwing bombs? It is not certain. Thus it is a sign of Turkey’s true intentions. Everyone will perceive it that way. Mankind, Kurds, democrats, everyone will evaluate it that way. [Turkey is saying] ‘peace’ on the one hand, and it is preparing for big wars by constructing walls and outposts on the other hand. Moreover it is becoming evident that it is planning big; targeting not only their own Kurds, but all Kurds.”

* Translated by The Rojava Report

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