“A GLOBAL RIGHTS BOOK – Culture of Liberation – series”

by web editors | 10th October 2016 5:34 pm

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Just recently, Global Rights initiated its Culture of Liberation ebook series to give voice to our commitment to contribute to the work of transforming our world by creating a space where creative and critical ‘work’ – “texts, opinions, comments, literary reviews, poems, news”…and more…would find a home and an audience to shape its dialogue and its critique of contemporary commodity culture…

We also plan to give voice to some of our hope and to celebrate some of the resilience that implicitly challenges this culture of profit, of lies, of dehumanisation, this celebrity-culture that absorbs so much human energy in its endless pursuit of one illusion after the other as a mantra to avoid facing the naked truth of war, poverty, injustice, terror, these 4 horsemen of the neoliberal apocalypse currently controlling and directing so much of human destiny…

Our ‘slogans’ were:

Ultimately we believe that only by imagining and desiring another world, other social systems and relationships, in fact, will the much needed change become concrete.”

 “Likewise only by “recovering forgotten and subtracted vocabularies, by rebuilding proper syntax and new grammars, subversion becomes viable…”

 Finally we said:  “We hope you will join us in this new project.”

And we meant it.

All around us lies the wasteland of noise that the dominant discourse generates to drown out the cries of its victims, the righteous complaints of those who challenge it, the anger of its critics.

But the new technology, as we see, has given us this opportunity to renegotiate the social space, who defines it, who ‘owns’ it, controls it, and whether it’s message is – this dream we hold for a humanity of equals who care for our fragile planet even at this late stage of its crisis, (at this early stage of our evolution) – or the nightmare hidden behind the false smiles in this almost surreal drama where 62 individuals own as much as 50% of our world’s population

If this makes sense to you…join us…in our “fumbling in the dark” to discover what “a culture of liberation” might mean for this new century…in these spaces we find ourselves navigating, not least this one of “language”, of “culture”…

Send us your suggestions for the series, our own guideline currently being:

“A GLOBAL RIGHTS BOOK – Culture of Liberation – series – A series of texts for politically engaged writers and workers to imagine & desire another world, other social systems and relationships, so that by “recovering forgotten and subtracted vocabularies, by rebuilding proper syntax and new grammars…subversion becomes viable…


bringing into being “…another world, other social systems and relationships…” in the process of being born, becoming concrete…”


As another critic of the then status-quo put it, in 1848:


“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.”


Contact us at:  cultureofliberation@gmail.com[1] or at info@globalrights.info[2]



  1. cultureofliberation@gmail.com: mailto:cultureofliberation@gmail.com
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