Benjamin’s Grave

Benjamin’s Grave

This is part of our Culture of Liberation series of e-books to give voice to our commitment to contribute to the work of transforming our world by creating a space where creative and critical ‘work’ – “texts, opinions, comments, literary reviews, poems, news”…and more…would find a home and an audience to shape its dialogue and its critique of contemporary commodity culture…



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An Interview with Abdellatif Laâbi

“Writing is still a risk in many countries. This was the case in Morocco when I was still living there–I was put in prison. In other countries, poets are assassinated”

Walter Benjamin. A poem by Séamas Carraher

That time too, Walter, has left, like a painting or a book that hangs, birdlike, from your mouth, wide-open in surprise: your death mask’s endless labouring

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La poetisa italiana Anna Lombardo nos ofrece una entrevista con la poetisa Nuria Ruiz de Viñaspre Las otras entrevistas de

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