When students meet guerrillas

by Rubén Zamora * | 22nd April 2017 10:44 am

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In the village of Buenavista, in Mesetas, Meta, is located the Transitional Zone Mariana Páez of the FARC-EP.

546 guerrillas live there, in rustic huts of wood and plastic. There, are dreams, rebellions, the irrepressible struggle for peace and, above all, much humanity covered by the skin roasted by so many suns of revolutionary struggle.


Even in this place nestled in the piedmont ridge peace volunteers from the National Pedagogical, District and Nacho universities have arrived.

Hosting almost 200 students was a formidable experience. From the moment we saw each other’s faces, a strange feeling moved us all.


This initiative of the Federation of University Students FEU marked many of us. Smiling, singing, shouting, dancing, playing, studying and shouting in the wind, from the bared mound where they settled, was the way to express the meaning of this meeting of volunteers for peace with our guerrilla community.


It was not only the meeting of experiences, knowledge, rebellions and hopes. Many eyes and views came together in a common purpose: reconciliation and peace.


Through volunteers for peace we share stories of life narrated at times with pain and tears, and epic accounts of an asymmetric war that ends after the victory of common sense, politics as a science of ideas and struggles for reconciliation and peace .


We integrate and merge in the great synergy of life for peace. We value the need to multiply peace volunteerism and we indeed feel to participate in it. We would like it to become a social movement, a true movement.

The task and commitment agreed was to follow up and monitor the peace agreements, to multiply dreams and to sow the university in the territories where intelligence of their communities should be harvested.


In truth, nothing was more beautiful than imagining peace beyond words and beyond a promise. Peace is paradigmatic, when understood as a consequence of the transforming action of society.


At the time of departure everything was nostalgia. A student and guerrilla walk left by the access route to the place where were the buses that would return this vibrant and renewed youth to the capital of the country.

Exchange of details, kisses, hugs and promises, reaffirmed that beyond the media infamy there is a wonderful world to discover and to live which is the human quality, the stories and the immense palpitating love in the guerrilla life.

*  FARC-EP guerrilla

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