Reports of ongoing heavy clashes between the SDF and the occupation forces in the surroundings of the Serekaniye Hospital. The Turkish army is bombing the city center with howitzer, mortar and tank fire.


Desperate in the face of resistance, Turkey to cease invasion

Reports say that the Turkish army and allied mercenaries that have experienced a serious failure in the face of the resistance by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will cease their attack against northern Syria. White House announced that the developments will be followed.

US Vice President Mike Pence who met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara together with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that the Turkish army would suspend its invasion attacks for 5 days. Pence said the goal was to set up a safe zone, noting that the sanction decisions made after the launch of Turkish incursion would remain in effect for now while new sanctions would not be introduced.

It grabs attention that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who spoke to the press after the meeting and tried to hide the blow they have suffered in northern Syria, said this was “not a ceasefire”.

Following the meeting between Erdoğan and top US officials, which lasted four hours, US President Donald Trump said “Millions of lives will be saved”.

An official from the White House said that Erdoğan’s visit to the US scheduled for November 13 is uncertain for now.

The Turkish troops and allied jihadist mercenaries who have committed violent massacres against civilians during the 9 days of their military incursion launched on October 9, were repelled in the Serêkaniyê city despite employing sophisticated technology and targeting the whole area with constant indiscriminate shelling.

It is also attention grabbing that the Turkish state, which had argued that “no step will be taken back” in the face of sanctions and threats they received in response to the military offensive, has indeed stepped back following this morning’s heavy aggression.


Turkish army forces are attacking the Serêkaniyê Hospital. Amid ongoing aerial activity over the city, violent clashes are taking place between SDF fighters and the occupation forces on the western and eastern fronts.


The Education and Training Committee announced that education has been suspended at 810 schools in North and East Syria because of the attacks by the occupant Turkish army and mercenaries.


Engaged in clashes with the SDF in the countryside of Gire Spi, the Turkish army allied ‘National Syrian Army’ are suffering heavy losses. While the NSA groups flee leaving their dead behind, SDF have seized ID cards, bags and belongings belonging to these.


Turkish jets struck the village of Bîr Hebes in Gire Spi, injuring two civilians.


Thousands protested the Turkish state’s invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria in Manbij.


Turkish warplanes bombed the village of Xanê in Eyn Isa. So far three explosions have been reported.


SDF fighters have dealt heavy blows to the occupying Turkish army and its mercenaries in the village of Kendal in Eyn Isa and the Triangle of the district of Kobanê Çelebiye, especially in the areas connected to Girê Spi.

The SDF said 2 panzer and 3 military vehicles were destroyed.


European Parliament President David Sassoli, has requested the hardening of sanctions against Turkey.


Turkish army is bombing the Serêkaniyê city, fortress of resistance, with howitzer and tank fire.


As the Turkish army has been trying hard to enter Serêkaniyê for days but is still unable to break through the resistance, ISIS sleeper cells in the region are attempting to infiltrate into the villages surrounding the Ayn Issa town.

SDF Commander Cegewera Zirîk, who is coordinating the battle on the international highway, stated that the Turkish state has set ISIS mercenaries in motion because of its failure to take control of the international highway. Remarking that SDF are inflicting heavy blows against the occupation forces, the SDF Commander added that the international highway is under SDF control.


Violent clashes are taking place between SDF fighters and the occupant Turkish army in the Chelebiye town and Ebu Sire village in Gire Spi Canton of northern Syria. SDF fighters have seized a large quantity of ammunition and military vehicles belonging to the Turkish army.


Assad: We will respond to Turkish invasion

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that the Turkish criminal aggression launched by Erdogan’s regime on northern Syria is a blatant invasion.

“Syria will respond and confront it with all its forms in any region of Syrian territory through all available legitimate means,” Assad said.


Occupation forces shelled Derîk’s Hikmiye village resided by Syriacs. Many cannon balls hit the village where the building of Syriac Military Council was also struck.


Defend Rojava Platform founded in France to organize demonstrations against Turkish invasion across the country.


SDF fighter Goran Osman who fell in the battle against Turkish invasion, has been laid to rest in Amude.


Turkish army and mercenaries attacked the Qenat Siwês and Sêgirka neighborhoods east of Qamishlo with missiles.


Tank artillery attacks of the Turkish forces and mercenaries left a Syrian soldier dead and six others wounded in Serik Girak village of Ayn Issa.


Call for ‘humanitarian corridor’ for Serêkaniyê

Civil society organisations in North and East Syria called for the opening of a ‘humanitarian corridor’ in Serêkaniyê, stating that the Turkish state has been targeting civilians and medical teams.


Clashes intensify in the Serêkaniyê city, fortress of resistance. While the Turkish army attacks the city centre with all its might, SDF fighters are not allowing the Turkish army and mercenaries to enter the city centre.


People of Kobanê bid farewell to fighters Mihemed Abdî, Merwan Tirkî and Mihemed Şaban who fell in the Battle of Honor against the Turkish army and mercenaries seeking to invade North and East Syria.


People of Girkê Legê took to the streets and saluted the SDF’s epic resistance against Turkish incursion, highlighting that they stand by those resisting invasion.


HPG guerrillas hit the Turkish army in Yüksekova, Savur, Xakurkê, Avaşin, Heftanin and Besta regions, which left 5 soldiers dead.


Occupation forces have abducted young man Mistefa Xêro Mamo in the village of Aşkan Xerbî in Afrin’s Cindires district on October 12.


People of Qamishlo took to the streets and gave the message “Fascism is being defeated by resistance”.


Thousands of people from various parts of North and East Syria have arrived in the Serêkaniyê city where intensified genocidal attacks by the Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue increasingly.


Violent clashes continue in Serêkaniyê where SDF fighters have mounted an epic resistance against the Turkish forces and allied jihadists for three uninterrupted days. Turkish army is shelling the Serêkaniyê Hospital and the city centre with heavy weapons, howitzer and artillery fire.


Mardin Governorate has imposed a ban on all public events and activities for a month on the grounds of the Turkish incursion into North and East Syria.


The Turkish state coordinates its invasion attacks against North and East Syria in the facility of the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TIGEM). A number of Turkish troops, mercenaries, 35 tanks, dozens of armored vehicles and many DShK-mounted pick-up vehicles have been deployed in the TIGEM facility.


Warning against an imminent massacre of civilians in Serêkaniyê, KONGRA-GEL Co-chair Remzi Kartal urged the Kurds and their friends to stand up everywhere they are, and called on international institutions to mobilise.


A large number of civilians from various parts of the Cizire region are on their way to the Serêkaniyê city where intensified genocidal attacks by the Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue increasingly.


Turkish army struck the building of Syrian Military Council in Derîk’s Hekemiyê village with a missile at around 08:10 local time this morning.


Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) carried out a series of operations against the Turkish army and allied mercenaries in Mare city Wednesday evening. Six members of the occupation forces were killed, nine others wounded as a result. HRE is expected to release a detailed statement.


Turkish dispatchment of tanks, heavy weapons, troops and medical supplies to the Urfa province bordering northern syria continues. In the meantime, several ambulances brought from various cities are transporting the dead and injured.


Turkish army strikes the Serêkaniyê Hospital with air raids.


The lives of thousands of civilians are at risk due to the Turkish state’s constant bombardments and use of chemicals in the Serêkaniyê city.

Kurdish Red Crescent Heyva Sor a Kurd stated that Turkish troops were preventing the medical teams from helping those wounded. Heyva Sor warned that thousands of civilian lives were in danger and called on the international community to act urgently for the opening of a corridor for those wounded.

TEV-DEM Executive Board Memner Aldar Xelîl and Cizire Region Health Committee issued an urgent call and called for immediate action for the injured as ongoing attacks leave thousands of civilians under risk.


Turkish army bombs the Serêkaniye Hospital where a number of civilians are treated.


Early this morning, 16 houses were raided by Turkish police in Adana province south of Turkey.

13 people were taken into custody for the posts they shared on social media against the Turkish occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria. There were reports of three more people detained.


The occupying Turkish state bombed the city of Serêkaniyê where thousands of civilians are living with all kinds of weapons, including forbidden weapons.

The Cizre Health Committee called for emergency aid, stating that there were many injured in the region and that they could not intervene due to the attacks.


Occupying Turkish state is bombing civilian settlements from air and land.


Resistance in Serêkaniyê: Day 9



UK Labour leader Corbyn: Turkey invasion must end

Chairman of the British Labor Party and the main opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said Turkey’s invasion must be stopped. Corbyn demanded the immediate end of Turkish occupation and called on the UN to take immediate action.


The Turkish army is bombing the village of Alya in Til Temir with tanks. Clashes continue.


Yusif call on Kurdish people to mobilise

TEV-DEM Executive Board member Foza Yusif spoke on Jin TV and gave information about the recent attacks carried out by the Turkish state. In her speech, Yousif called on Kurdish people to do more to protect the resistance. Her call was especially directed at women.


Can: We will defend Rojava to death

HBDH General Council member Ferzad Can said that to remain silence about the Turkish occupation will be shameful. “Rojava will be freed by fighting, we will fight to the death.”


Award winning Kurdish mathematician Dr. Koçer Birkar protested the invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state in Rojava.


Artists call for a national conference

Stating that gains cannot be preserved without Kurds unity and a joint struggle, Kurdihs artists underlined the importance of a national conference and call on anyone to take their responsibility to ensure this.


There were violent clashes in the village of Khafiyah last night. The SDF forces, which responded immediately to the attacks of the Turkish special forces, caused heavy losses to the invaders.

A military vehicle belonging to the invaders was destroyed, and plenty of military equipment passed into the hands of the fighters.


The occupying Turkish state and its mercenaries tried to enter the village of Kendal in Girê Spî but were repelled. 7 occupiers were killed in the clashes and many were wounded.


While clashes were going on in the village of Menacir, in Serêkaniyê, the village was bombed by war planes belonging to the occupying Turkish state.


The clashes intensified again in the village of Alya in Til Temir. The SDF fighters responded and heavily hit the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries. Turkish warplanes bombed the village.


Turkish state attacks with all kinds of weapons, SDF responds with a historical resistance

The Turkish state and its mercenaries have been attacking Serêkaniyê city center with all kinds of air and land war machines and weapons since yesterday evening.

SDF fighters are responding with a historical resistance. Many invaders were killed or injured in clashes. Martyrs and wounded are reported within the SDF ranks.

Despite all the attacks, the resistance of the SDF could not be broken. Violent clashes continue in the city.

The SDF are expected to provide a detailed statement about the conflicts in the coming hours.

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