Saturday 2 Nov. World Resistance Day for Rojava

Saturday 2 Nov. World Resistance Day for Rojava

At 4pm on October 9th, the Turkish occupation army and its Islamist allies began their long-prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of northern Syria. Saturday 2 November the world will take to the streets to support the Rojava Revolution.

The international campaign #riseup4rojava called for a worldwide mass mobilization and actions against the Turkish invasion in Northeast Syria on Saturday 2 November.

The call said: “In the north of Syria, in the shadow of the Syrian civil war, a revolutionary and democratic social project has thrived in the past seven years that has been a thorn in the side of the region’s powers and imperialist states from the very beginning. The societies of Northeastern Syria established their own self-government and created an oasis of peace, based on the equal coexistence of all groups of the local population, the liberation of women, an ecological economy and radical democracy. The Democratic Federation of Northeast Syria has become a living example of a peaceful and democratic future for the Middle East, beyond local despotism and foreign rule. Finally, the defense forces of the peoples of northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces, succeeded in smashing the last remnants of the Turkish-based IS caliphate.”

Today, said the call, “Islamist militias, most of them fighters of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, are advancing again with the Turkish occupation offensive in northern Syria and spreading fear and terror. The states of the International Coalition, above all the United States of America, have paved the way for the Turkish war of aggression with their coordinated withdrawal of troops. They gave away their former allies to destruction and sacrificed the peoples of northeastern Syria to their filthy interests. The states of the world have agreed to close their eyes while the Turkish occupation army and its jihadists are committing a genocide with NATO weapons.”

The call reminded how “on November 1st, 2014, millions of people around the entire world took to the streets for a day to express their solidarity with the heroic resistance of Kobanê.”

This year the call is for “November 2nd to be a day of global resistance against the Turkish War of Aggression, to break the normal situation and to paralyze life. Participate in creative and diverse actions of civil disobedience, demonstrations, and many more, and take over the streets and public spaces.”

A first, partial list of events: 


Melbourne: 2.11, 4pm, State Library

Perth: 2.11, 1pm, Next to Murray Street Mall

Sydney: 3.11, 1pm and 3pm, Townhall Square

Gold Coast: 3.11, 4pm, Sunshine Square


Graz: 2.11, 2pm, Hauptplatz

Vienna: 2.11, 2pm, Langelängenfeldgasse 13


Fortaleza: 2.11, 2pm, Praça Prejú


Sofia: 2.11, 3pm, Boulevard General E. I.


Toronto: 2.11, 6pm-8pm, Yonge & Bloor to Toronto City Hall


Limasol: 2.11, 5:30pm, Navarino 10 \3941 limasol Cypress

Czech Republic

Prag: 2.11, 3pm, Palackého náměstí


Copenhagen: 1.11, Kongens Nytorv


Helsinki: 2.11, 3pm, Hakaniemi Market Square

Kokkola: 2.11, 1pm, Purjelava

Tampere: 2.11, 2pm, Tullinaukio


Bordeaux: 2.11, 1pm, Maison Citoyen

Lyon: 2.11, 4pm, Place Guichard

Marseille: 2.11, 1pm, Canabiere

Nimes: 2.11, 2pm, Maison Carrée

Paris: 2.11, 3pm, Place de la République

Rennes: 2.11, 1pm, Place Colombier

Strasbourg: 2.11, 2pm, Place de la Republique

Toulouse: 2.11, 2pm, Metro Capitole


Bochum: 1.11, 3pm, Hauptbahnhof

Berlin: 2.11, 12pm, Alexanderplatz –


Athens: 2.11, 5pm, National Museum, Patision Street

Komotini: 2.11, 12pm, Peace square

Rethimnon: 2.11, 6pm, City Hall

Thesaloniki: 2.11, 5:30pm, Kamara


Rome: 1.11, 14:00, Repubblica Square – National demonstration against Turkish occupation


Rotterdam: 2.11, 2pm, Hollanda Rotterdam 1940 Plein

Spanish State / Catalunya

Barcelona: 2.11, 12pm, Passeig Sant Joan amb Diagonal

Granada: 2.11, 11am, Jardines del triunfo

Madrid: 2.11, 12pm, Plaza de la Providencia 1

Xixón: 2.11, 6pm, Xardinos del Náuticu


Stockholm: 1.11, 4pm, Tjärhovsgatan, Movie screening and propganda workshop for the 2 of november

Malmö: 1.11, 6pm, Friisgatan 19D, Movie screening, collection for the Red Sun and Q&A eith Rojava

Umeå: 2.11, 3pm, Rådhustorgert

Stockholm: 2.11, 1pm, Sergels torg

Göteborg: 2.11, 1pm, Gustaf Adolfs Torg

Jönköping: 2.11, 12pm, Rådhusparken

Malmö: 2.11, 1pm, Gustav Adolfs Torg, Blockade of the travelling agency Resia

Malmö: 2.11, 2pm, Davidshallsbron, Rojava


Basel: 2.11, 1pm, Theaterplatz


Brighton: 2.11, 12 pm, Cowley Club

Bristol: 2.11, 12 pm, TUI 37 Broadmead

Liverpool: 2.11, 11 am, 93 London Road L3 8JA

London: 2.11, 1 pm, Marble Arch

US – United States

Cleveland (Ohio) : 2.11, 5pm, Public Sq.

Knoxville (Tenesse) : 2.11,  11:30am, Krutch Park

Nebraska : 2.11, 4pm, Bruin Bellevue

New York City: 2.11,  2pm, Turkish Consulate General in New York

Oakland: 2.11, Oskar Grand Plaza

Portland (Oregon): 2.11,  2pm, Chapman Square

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