Today is Rojava Day

Today is Rojava Day


The Coordination of Kongra Star Rojava called on everyone to join actions organised on 2 November, “International Resistance Day for Rojava”.

The Coordination of Kongra Star Rojava called on everyone to join actions organised on 2 November, “International Resistance Day for Rojava”.

“This day – said Kongra Star Rojava in a statement – is of great importance to us. In the course of the occupation attacks of Turkey and its mercenaries, the international and democratic forces worldwide have reacted positively. These attitudes are very relevant and necessary. In these days when Northern and Eastern Syria is under occupation by the Turkish government, November 2 is an important action for the regional forces and the international community and gives hope for the attainment of social rights.”

The statement added: “The role and mission of this day must be understood in relation to the occupation, and the world must be made aware of the brutality and war crimes of the Turkish state and its mercenaries. As the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria we have an important role in our response on 2 November. This is an historic day for all oppressed peoples and especially for those who are currently occupied by the Turkish State and its mercenaries.”

The invasion and occupation attacks of the Turkish state and its mercenaries against the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, which have continued since 9 October on the level of genocide and annihilation, bring with them a serious war against the Kurdish population.

The statement recalled “the execution of the secretary of the  Syria Hevrîn Xelef, the ill-treatment of the body of the YPJ fighter Amara Rênas and the capture of the YPJ fighter Çiçek Kobanê as well as the use of chemical phosphorus weapons are brutal and barbaric means of war and at the same time show the annihilation plans of the Turkish state. The Turkish state and its mercenaries have been allowed to act with impunity. Against these war crimes and the mentality of the occupation, the significance of today is in expressing the spirit of resonance and humanitarian aid. This day expresses how important it is to oppose these war crimes and colonial mentality.”

Women from all over the world, said the statement “have opposed the occupation of Turkey and its gangs in all forms of activities in all parts of the world and have expressed their support for women throughout Northern and Eastern Syria. All women around the world have participated in many activities under the motto “Women Defend Rojava” and have spoken out for the protection of Rojava in various ways. We thank women all over the world for their work, efforts and support. From the place of the women’s revolution we send greetings of resistance and freedom to revolutionary women and fighters. At the same time we hope that the important actions will continue in all parts of the world and that the values of the Women’s Revolution in Rojava will be defended and the women’s struggle for freedom will continue.”

Kongra Star once again “called on all democratic and international forces to support this day and to prevent the genocide and occupation of the Turkish government. We call on all democratic, liberal and humanist forces to unite and take action against genocide, robbery, occupation and inhumanity and to stop together the dirty plans of Turkey.

We hope that on 2nd November the voices of all parts of the world will be united with the voice of Rojava to take their position and to show solidarity with all oppressed peoples and peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria.”

The statement also called “on all peoples in Northern and Eastern Syria, especially to the peoples of Rojava, to join in action this day with thousands of people on 2nd November and to make the “International Day of Resistance for Rojava” tremble with the power of freedom and resistance.  We as Kongra-Star appeal again to all resisting peoples, democratic and international forces in all parts of the world to support the “International Day of Resistance for Rojava” and together to prevent the oppression of the rulers and occupiers.”

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