“I want a bicycle” campaign growing in Qamishlo

by ANF | 9th January 2021 11:20 am

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Women in Qamishlo launched the “I want a bike” initiative to encourage environmental awareness against pollution and to encourage women to use bicycles.

Media Xanim, a journalist for Ronahî newspaper, and Şinda Ekrem, the presenter of a program on ÇIRA TV, have launched the “I want a bike” initiative a few weeks ago.

The initiative, which started with two women, grew into a group of women riding bikes a few days later. This group consists now of 15 women and its number is expected to increase as the door of the initiative is open to everyone.

The initiative aims at protecting the environment and alleviate traffic congestion caused by the increase in the number of vehicles.

Group members between the ages of 18 and 35 attend classes every Friday and Sunday to organize a future competition.

Participant named Şînda Ekrem, a member of the “I want a bike” initiative, told ANHA that she started cycling in 2017.

Şînda Ekrem said that she found it very difficult because the society rejected the idea pf women cycling, but she went on alone despite the difficulties, and added that it is important to encourage all women to use bicycles and to reduce the number of vehicles.

Stating that the Qamishlo Canton Sports Association meets the needs of the women’s cycling team, Ekrem called for support to women’s institutions and organizations.

Cilan Mihemed, also a participants of the initiative, said that she was very happy when she heard about this initiative because she loved cycling since her childhood.

Mihemed called on women to join this initiative.

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