3 journalists and 2 activists sentenced to prison in Hewler

by ANF | 18th February 2021 1:10 pm

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Three journalists and two activists in Hewler, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, were sentenced to 6 years in prison each over the same charges, facing reaction from many parliamentarians.

Journalists Şerwan Şerwani, Guhdar Zebari and Ayaz Karam and activists Şivan Said Omar and Hariwan Isa were sentenced to 6 years in prison each.

All six people were charged with “weakening the country’s independence, unity or security”.

Speaking to RojNews, Belên Ismail, a member of the Gorran (Change) Movement in the Hewlêr Parliament, stated that he attended the hearing and said, “When a person is detained, there must be an accusation against him, but there are no criminal charges against the activists from Behdinan.”

Parliamentarian Dr. Şayan said, “I have doubts. Because all of them were given the same sentence. This is suspicious. They did not commit any crime”.

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