In this Place of Tragedy

by séamas carraher, global rights | 17th February 2024 10:34 am

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and here now, Mr Netanyahu / is the Promised Land of your Laughing Soldiers / your savage soldiers, these cowardly-killers, / whose bones are now pure poison / whose mothers will no longer recognise them


In this Place of Tragedy only

the flies feel free to claim their dead.

Even the gravestones are disturbed

by bullet holes and garbage.


Here you must leave your heart behind

when you go search for your loved one

…this lost one who no longer comes home.


In this Place of Execution

no one comes home anymore.

Only the faded snapshots are left

to tell their story.


O bear witness now!


For all these lifeless bodies

like angels falling to earth

their folded wings all broken.

How far have these fallen angels fell!


Witness now – lest you sleep forever.


Imagine it all!

And let your terror translate these handcuffed words

from Hebrew (and hate) into a language not yet spoken.


And listen!

No one sends letters home from here.

This is no longer a land fit for beings.

Not bird nor fish nor animal.

Here where all the children have fled

the schoolyards and here

where the schoolyards are now

only graveyards


and here now, Mr Netanyahu

is the Promised Land of your Laughing Soldiers

your savage soldiers, these cowardly-killers,

whose bones are now pure poison

whose mothers will no longer recognise them

and whose only gift is to meet each new day

with the stench of sanctimonious suffering!


O, wake up, wake the fuck up.

It must now already be

too late.


séamas carraher

1 february-16 february, 2024


Image (“fair-use”)

Rimal Neighborhood, Gaza city | “Israeli soldier Yosee Gamzoo published a picture showing him torturing a Palestinian civilian in West Gaza city.”

(Younis Tirawi | يونس @ytirawi. Posted by Gazan journalist Hind Khoudary

@Hind_Gaza : “Look at his eyes”  she says.)

Twitter/X – February 4, 2024[1]




Of countless savage acts of outrage and inhumanity, three stand out in recent weeks, in this media-witnessed-massacre and attempted-genocide-of-Palestinians by Israel…


“…these handcuffed words / from Hebrew and hate..”


Mass grave discovered in northern Gaza “clearly a war crime”

On February 1, the bodies of 30 Palestinian civilians, blindfolded, handcuffed and tortured, previously detained by Israeli soldiers and then gone “missing”,  were found in a schoolyard inside black plastic  bags. The fact that for a long time now Israel seems to act without any fear of criticism of – or responsibility for – its actions can be seen in the fact that the soldiers left these innocent civilians with the glaring-evidence of handcuffs that had serial numbers and words in Hebrew written on them…

Al Jazeera – February 1, 2024[2]

Then on :

February 10, 2024,  six-year-old Hind Rajab

…After days waiting (following the release of her previous desperate phone call “Hide under the seats,” the team tell her. “Don’t let anyone see you…” Monday 29th JanuaryBBC News – 5 February 2024[3])

The body of six-year-old Hind Rajab was discovered:  “decomposing in the car where her family were killed by Israeli gunfire in Gaza City. A few meters away, the ambulance sent to rescue Hind was burnt out with the remains.”

“Today, Hind’s family arrived at the location after the Israeli military withdrew from the area and they found her inside the car with her dead family beside her.”

The Guardian – February 10 2024[4]

Previously, on  Monday 29th January –  the  morning the Israeli army had told people to evacuate areas in the west of Gaza city and move south along the coast road –  the small-six-year-old child Hind Rajab,  talked by phone with the Palestinian Red Crescent, trapped in her uncle’s car under Israeli fire in Gaza City, “begging for help”  and  “surrounded by the bodies of her relatives”.

Shortly before, her cousin Layan had called  the Red Crescent saying that “her parents and siblings have all been killed, and that there is a tank next to the car. “They are firing at us,” she says, before the conversation ends with the sound of gunfire and screaming….When the Red Crescent team ring back, it is Hind who answers, her voice almost inaudible, drowned in fear… Rana’s voice was her only fragile link with a familiar world…Hind had set off from her home in Gaza City earlier that day with her uncle, aunt and five cousins.”

RTE News – February 10, 2024[5]


Imagine Hamas Killed This 6-Year-Old Girl And Her Family. Just Imagine The Response.

Owen Jones, February 12 – 2024[6]


Finally (Cover image)

A stripped, handcuffed and wounded Palestinian man sparked outrage.

This photograph by an Israeli soldier “towering over a stripped, bound and wounded Palestinian man in the besieged Gaza Strip.”

The image  – reminiscent of how Israel’s ally, the US treats its own prisoners at Abu Ghraib – was uploaded to Instagram by Yosee Gamzoo, who is now identified as the  photographer of the scene; “the Palestinian man’s hands are tied behind his back as blood pours from a wound in his leg at a school in Gaza City. Gamzoo has since deleted the post as well as his Instagram account “after the image went viral…”:

Palestinian Chronicle – February 12, 2024[7]

“In Gaza,

breathing is a task,

smiling is performing

plastic surgery

on one’s own face,

and rising in the morning,

trying to survive

another day, is coming back

from the dead.”


(‘Hard Exercise’ by Mosab Abu Toha,

From  “Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear”[8]

Mosab Abu Toha @MosabAbuToha posts (on Twitter/) on the personal catastrophe of surviving the massacre in Gaza that so many of his friends and relative did not survive… )

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