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Works started in Hasankeyf, millenary city of Kurdistan

Post Views: 67 In Hasankeyf/Batman, DSI (State Hydraulic Works ) and TOKI (Housing Development Administration) have set up a building area in a region where important findings belonging to Neolithic Age have been recovered.Construction works have started in the interaction

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Obama’s Twist of BP’s Arm Stirs Debate on Frequent Tactic

WASHINGTON — First there was General Motors, whose chief executive was summarily dismissed by the White House shortly before the government became the company’s majority shareholder. Chrysler was forced into a merger. At the banks that received government bailouts, executive pay was curbed; at insurance companies seeking to jack up premiums, scathing criticism led to rollbacks.

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What Bhopal Started 0

Post Views: 3 Over 20,000 killed. Over half a million victims maimed, disabled or otherwise affected. Compensation of around Rs. 12,414 per victim on average on the 1989 value of the rupee. $ 470 million total. And that divided between

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Remunicipalización en el sector del agua: una ola imparable 0

Post Views: 4 Apuntes sobre el debate y la acción La remunicipalización de los servicios de agua es una tendencia en auge en todo el mundo. Los pasados 25 y 26 de noviembre se celebró en Barcelona un seminario de

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