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Resistance in Sur: Workers find body during excavation work

A body believed to belong to a person killed by the Turkish state during the autonomous-government resistance in 2015 was found in the borough of Sur, in Amed.

Speaking to Welat Newspaper on condition of anonymity an employee of a company working in Sur said that they found a “body wrapped in a white cloth” during the excavations carried out on 5 February in the area between the Catholic Church and Hasırlı Mosque.

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Dengbêj of the Future: Herêm Nêrgîz

Herêm Nêrgîz was interested in Dengbêj at an early age in a musician family, and today she is taking Dengbêj and Baglama training by singing folk songs and strans.

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History destroyed in Sur: Concrete houses are sold for 1 million TL

Six neighbourhoods of the borough of Sur in Diyarbakır (Amed) have been banned for 5 years. Six neighbourhoods surrounded by concrete blocks first and then by 3 meters long iron sheets have been banned for 1,826 days.

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Conversación sobre el film kurdo Por la Libertad (Ji Bo Azadiye) 0

Nuestra primera intención fue responder a ¿qué fuerza llevó a 50-60 jóvenes a resistir un asedio de más de 100 días?

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Three co-mayors taken into custody in Amed

Post Views: 4 Co-mayors of Amed Metropolitan Municipality Selçuk Mızraklı, Kayapınar, Bismil and Kocaköy Municipality have been arrested.   Amed Metropolitan Municipality co-mayor Selçuk Mızraklı, Kayapınar Municipality co-mayor Keziban Yılmaz, Bismil co-mayor Orhan Ayaz have been detained this morning.

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UK actress Maxine Peake sent message to World Day Rally in Amed

Maxine Peake was part of the 2019 International Peace Delegation to İmralı which earlier this year, from 11-16 February 2019, traveled to Turkey and the Turkish region of Kurdistan

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Suspended HDP co-mayor call for international support

Selcuk Mizrakli, the illegally suspended mayor of Amed has issued a call to the international community

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Ercan Aybo?a: “We are facing yet another attack on kurdish people”

We asked Ercan Aybo?a, representative of the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement and author of the book “The Rojava Revolution”, his assessment of the latest events in Amed

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