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From Diyarbakkir to Lalish: Walking in the Footsteps of Genocide

Iraqi novelist Layla Qasrany traveled to Turkey to commemorate the Armenian genocide

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Entrevista a Tariq Ramadan – Primera Parte

Post Views: 8 Presentar a Tariq Ramadan puede parecer sencillo, bastaría como introducción clásica decir que es profesor de Estudios Islámicos Contemporáneos en la Universidad de Oxford y en la Facultad de Teología de esta misma ciudad, o que es

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Pain and happiness side by side in Kobanê

Post Views: 12 While the cleansing operations of the YPG/YPJ forces against the ISIS gangs continue in Kobanê canton, in the city itself life is returning to normal amongst the rubble. The historic resistance of the YPG/YPJ forces in Kobanê

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The Relationship between Washington and ISIS: The Evidence

Reports that US and British aircraft carrying arms to ISIS have been shot down by Iraqi forces have been met with shock and denial in western countries. Few in the Middle East doubt that Washington is playing a ‘double game’ with its proxy armies in Syria

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Maximum Horror 0

As a French friend wrote to me, ‘The idea of Charlie Hebdo provoking a “union sacrée” has to be one of the ironies of history that even the most cynical post-’68 libertarian anti-establishmentarian would have choked on in disbelief.’

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