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Benjamin’s Grave

Seamas Carraher returns on Walter Benjamin with what he himself calls an “experimental poem”.

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“A GLOBAL RIGHTS BOOK – Culture of Liberation – series”

Just recently, Global Rights initiated its Culture of Liberation ebook series to give voice to our commitment to contribute to the work of transforming our world by creating a space where creative and critical ‘work’

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Utopian and Dystopian Palestines: From Literature to Art and Back at the ‘Chapter 31’ Exhibition

“Chapter 31: A New Archaeology Of The Future”[1] is a new exhibition that tips its hat to Emile Habibi’s pioneering text The Secret Life of Saeed The Pessoptimist

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The forms and places of unsuspected subversion

“You can not bend the subversion. You defeat it by forcing it to change its target”, wrote Edmond Jabès in The Little Book of unsuspected subversion

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The floor is yours… literature

Beyond the interviews themselves and the interest we are sure they’ll generate to you as readers, our greatest desire, interest and ambition is to encourage you to also contribute ideas, reflections, suggestions not just on the issues addressed in this summer issue of Global Rights

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