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Saudi Arabia and the prequel of the endless War

Where there is oil there is wealth. Where there is wealth there is corruptive power. Where there are oil and weapons, the situation becomes incandescent: Saudi Arabia is the fourth country in the world for military spending, over $ 80 billion in 2014

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Cairo’s Merit Publishing House, Townhouse Gallery Raided; One Merit Staffer Arrested, Released

Two major Cairo cultural institutions saw attacks from the Egyptian state in the twenty-four hours

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Defeating the monster

So the choices of François Hollande and the government of Manuel Valls, in the aftermath of the massacre by Daesh in the streets of Paris, not only appear as an emotional reaction: they are rather a step in the construction of the state of exception

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Saudi Arabia, Militarism and New Conflicts 0

Recently Saudi Arabia staged its largest-ever military exercises codenamed “Abdullah’s Shield”

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